Why to refer to our clinic - AbuMaizar Dental Roots Clinic

Why to refer to our clinic at AbuMaizar Roots Clinic, our goal is to please both you and your patients. We continually reinforce and emphasize your integrity and value as the case leader. They will return to you with a new appreciation of your care. We will not do the treatment without a commitment from the patient to come back to you for the complete restoration. (We’ll fail in our treatment if the tooth is not restored) Our policy for your emergency patients is, “Send them right over!”

Our policy for your urgent traveling patients is that we will fit them in a break, before we start our day or after hours! We focus on the patient’s comfort and comprehensive treatment until they return to your care. Dr. Hassan provides local anesthetic for your patients’ comfort. He has focused his efforts on providing a painless procedure for your patients. We look forward to working with our referring dentists and helping your patients get out of pain. We use Digital Radiography whereby your patients are exposed to 90% less radiation with computer enhanced stored images. Dr. Hassan utilizes the 3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) that produces high-resolution, precise images that enables him to make more informed diagnoses and better identify areas that are in need of treatment. We use the surgical microscope, which is one of the biggest advancements in Endodontics. The surgical microscope and microsurgical instruments allow us to be more precise than ever before, advancing our already high rate of success in Endodontics. We use dental software management, so all our patient records and treatments are being saved on the system, along with a treatment report and radiographs which will be sent right after we finish the treatment.     Five-star customer service is the Hallmark of our office. We strive to make every patient visit pleasant and uplifting in a relaxing environment. Our fees are fair, reasonable and affordable. We are committed to finding the right payment option to meet your patient’s budget. We will bend over backward for your patients who are serious about saving their teeth. As a courtesy to your staff and your family, treatment will be provided at a reduced fee. This price discount our way of saying, “thank you!”