Clinic Policy - AbuMaizar Dental Roots Clinic

Clinic Policy at AbuMaizar’s Roots Clinic

Appointment Policy:
  • Treatment within the clinic is only by appointment – we apologize for not accepting patients without prior appointment.
  • An appointment is given to the patient in accordance with his / her time and the clinic’s times.
  • Priority is given in arranging appointments for patients with pain or who are on travel.
  • If the patient wishes to postpone the appointment for any condition, the patient shall call the clinic and determine another appointment, or contact later to determine a suitable appointment.
  • If the patient didn’t come to the scheduled appointment, and didn’t apologize for the appointment, the clinic is entitled not to give the patient another appointment.
  • We confirm the appointments one day before the appointment date, by sending a text message and contacting the patient.
  • If we didn’t receive any response to confirm the appointment, the clinic may cancel the appointment and give it to another patient.

Waiting time:

  • The patient is admitted to the clinic upon arrival directly, or in a maximum of ten minutes.
  • The patient is asked to come to the clinic 10 minutes before the appointment.
  • If the patient is delayed more than ten minutes, the clinic may cancel the appointment.

Referring patients:

  • Patients are referred by any doctor to our clinic, along with the patient information such as name, telephone number and patient status to arrange a suitable appointment.
  • After completion of the patient’s entire treatment, the patient is given a detailed case report to be presented to his / her doctor. A soft copy of the report is also sent.

Patients Follow-up:

In some cases, Dr. Hassan advises for a review appointment after a certain period, to check on the condition of the tooth and bone around it, by taking X-ray image and comparing it with the previous image, knowing that the visit is free.

Financial issues:

  • Once the treatment is fully completed, the patient should pay all the costs of the treatment.
  • If more than one session is required to complete the treatment, the patient is entitled to defer payment of part of the required costs to the next appointment.